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So now you are in your 20s or about to get into your 20s, you finally completed one of your first biggest goals – to study abroad. Here you are, new in a foreign world, speaking a foreign language, making foreign friends. Everything is new and exciting, you are today old when you realise what it feels to have your full freedom. You call Mom to let her know you are okay and everything’s so different (but in a great way) here. And just like that, life goes on.

Now what? You have your first culture shock. You have your first breakdown. You feel homesick for the first time, which you never thought you would. Nobody ever told you what to do after the “honeymoon period”. 

So here you are again, alone in a foreign world. Life problems start to emerge and you are not prepared enough for this. Talking to friends and family at home does not feel the same anymore, you feel a bit too foreign for home and yet too foreign here.

Now we are talking…

If you ever find yourself in that position, you ever feel lost in your own self-transitioning and self-discovery, maybe even find yourself alone, heartbroken for the first time in Uni, then I hope I can make you feel a little bit at home here. 

Who am I and why I do what I do

Hi my name is Minh Thu but friends and family and then gradually everyone calls me Bop, so I guess you can too. I was born in Vietnam, then I went study abroad in Japan with a 100% scholarship, now I’m going exchange for a year in Europe, specifically Lithuania (if you do not know this country, check out my other posts, I will write a lot about this beautiful country that no one knows about!!). 


Just like any other foreign students, I went through all stages, from choosing my study abroad destination to the excitement of living in a new country and starting my new life with complete freedom, far away from home, and even to the nights alone in my bedroom having all kinds of breakdown and crisis. I realised nobody ever told me how hard being in your 20s would be. When I was a teenanger, seeing all the college students partying, I thought being in your 20s must be so liberating and fun. Well, it is but not all…


20s are the years I face myself. I have lost and found myself countless of times. I have to unlearn bad beliefs from my past, struggle financially, figure out friendship and relationship, and study hard to keep my GPA high at the same time. Through all the hard times, I found the best version of myself. 

Why this blog?

I decided to make this blog to connect with more people like you and me, to talk about the insights I have learned, to give you my most humble advice and guidance on everything I know about

  • Study abroad
  • Finance management for foreign students
  • Traveling while studying abroad
  • Mental health in your 20s
  • Relationships in Uni
  • Or simply just being young and confused.  

Because schools don’t teach us enough and I want us young people, who have been brave and strong enough to cross overseas, to receive more guidance to get our lives together. I hope reading my blogs will add some values about your 20s and your own self-growth. 

I also send out weekly(ish) emails with tips and real talks from a foreign college student getting her life together financially and mentally. If you would like to get more tips or simply just to get to know me more, sign up and respond to my emails. I’m looking forward to helping you and I’m here for you 🙂 

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