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Hello, I’m Bop. I’m a student.

I was born in Vietnam, a fairly poor family. Mum said whatever I want to do and wherever I want to be, I have to work my way to it. So yes, I worked my way for a scholarship to study in Japan and now I’m in Europe, also studying abroad.

This blog is about personal growth and the life as a foreigner. Here I share my knowledge and experience about being in your 20s and far away from home.

I hope to help someone who is going through the same struggles I have, to add some values and insights about the beautiful journey of a foreign student.

Recent Articles

How COVID-19 Has Changed My Study Abroad Year: Travel Stories and Being Sick

This year, the pandemic has completely changed my study abroad year. We have had to make many adaptations. This is how I got my life together.

Why College is So Hard and Advice You Will Need

Everybody’s experience is different, but I think most people who have gone to college go through days or weeks when they just feel like it’s too overwhelming. But I feel like nobody is talking about it.

10 Reasons Why You Definitely Should Study Abroad

Why should anyone leave the comfort of home to settle down in a foreign land, to surround yourself with new culture, new people and new language? Here's why

JAPANESE OMIYAGE – Everything You Need To Know

Omiyage represents a very interesting segment in Japanese culture, no, it does not mean souvenir and no, there is no direct word to word translation in English.

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